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Paul Davis Sinkhole Repair

Sinkholes are depressions in the ground resulting from some form of erosion of bedrock under the surface. There are a few kinds of sinkholes, each caused by different forms of underground erosion or manmade intervention, but each can seriously damage your home if you’re unfortunate enough to have a home near them. This natural problem can vary in size up to 2000 feet wide and are seen primarily in regions with deep layers of subterranean limestone. Thankfully, Paul Davis pros of Odessa can be on call to fix your home after the event and fortify your home to prevent damage from happening before a sinkhole hits.

Different Kinds of Sinkholes

  • Dissolution Sinkholes – These sinkholes happen when erosion from wind and surface water wears down limestone bedrock. If the top layer of soil shrinks, the protective surface of rock is more vulnerable and creates a dipped depression under your home.
  • Cover-collapse Sinkholes – This kind of sinkhole occurs in a short amount of time and can be terrible. These sinkholes occur when the ground cover contains more clay than sand. Over the years, water and wind can wear down the top layer and cause a domed depression directly below the surface. When the space between the ground cover and the underground gap grows large enough, the sinkhole opens and takes down anything nearby.
  • Cover-subsidence Sinkholes – When the top layer above bedrock is made of larger amounts of sand than clay, these sinkholes can occur. Sand will filter and grow in the bedrock, causing small depressions along the ground’s surface. These may grow subtly for long periods of time, but gradually create problems for your home.

Hazards of Sinkholes

The South and Eastern US commonly experience sinkholes. Varying on the size of the hole, your home can take on catastrophic harm to total destruction. A few recorded sinkholes have been massive enough to take down whole intersections and vehicles in one gulp. Smaller sinkholes are significantly less dangerous, but can still cause serious harm to your home.

Usually, sinkholes cause harm to roads and lawns. This event can leave big holes in your home and churn up soil in your yard. They may also let loose toxic chemicals under ground that taints ground water. If the sinkhole grows beneath your home, it can weaken the building and create fissures in the base and windows.

Avoiding Sinkholes

Sinkholes of any size can be harmful to your home. By making the ground uneven, your property tolerates more stress to stay upright.

If neglected, the stress from these sinkholes can crack or crumble your home’s groundwork. Depending on the kind, sinkholes can be subtle and worsen over years. Watch for the warnings of a sinkhole and act fast to avoid further hazards. Keep an eye out for


  • Soil in the water supply
  • Severely uneven ground
  • Pools of water in new areas around your yard
  • Vegetation dying in circular patterns around your yard
  • Trees leaning and angled over
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    The professionals from Paul Davis have the means to avoid sinkholes before your home is too damaged. We help restore your property if you’ve already fallen victim to a sinkhole. Get assistance from Paul Davis now.