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Sinkhole Damage Repair in Pasco

Sinkholes are depressions in the ground caused by different types of erosion of bedrock under the surface. Scientist have identified different types of sinkholes, all resulting from assorted kinds of underground erosion or artificial intervention, however each can seriously damage your home if you’re unfortunate enough to live near them. This natural phenomenon can vary in size from 3 feet to 2,000 feet in diameter and depth and form typically in regions with deep sediments of underground limestone. Thankfully, Paul Davis of Pasco can be come to the rescue repair your home after the event and help you avoid problems from developing before a sinkhole hits.

Different Kinds of Sinkholes

  • Dissolution Sinkholes – These sinkholes happen wind and surface water erosion wear down limestone bedrock. If the top layer of soil recedes, the protective surface of rock is more exposed and forms a dipped hole below your home.
  • Cover-collapse Sinkholes – This kind of sinkhole develops in a short amount of time and can be catastrophic. These sinkholes occur when the top layer contains more clay than sand. Over the years, water and wind can wear down the top layer and cause an arched impression directly below the surface. When the space between the ground cover and the underground gap grows large enough, the sinkhole opens and takes down the ground nearby.
  • Cover-subsidence Sinkholes – When the top layer above bedrock consists of more sand than clay, these sinkholes can occur. Sand will filter and pile up in the bedrock, causing little holes along the surface. Cover-subsidence sinkholes might go subtly for long periods of time, but slowly cause problems for your home.

Effects of Sinkholes

The South and Eastern United States commonly experience sinkholes. Destruction sustained by structures will vary on the scale of the sinkhole. The most dangerous sinkholes have been known to swallow whole intersections and cars in one gulp. Smaller examples are significantly less harmful, but may still do serious damage to your home.

It’s common to see sinkholes cause damage to driveways and back or front yards. This phenomenon can create large holes around your driveway and bring up dirt in your yard. Sinkholes can also stir up toxic chemicals under ground that taints ground water. When a sinkhole grows beneath your home, it can cause building and cause fissures in the base and door frames.

Avoiding Sinkholes

Sinkholes of any scale may be hazardous to your home. Sinkholes can cause level foundationsto sink or raise, leaving your home a lot of stress.

If neglected, the tension from these sinkholes may fracture or crumble your house’s groundwork. Depending on the type, sinkholes may be hard to see and develop over long periods. Look for the signs of a sinkhole and move quickly to avoid additional hazards. Be conscious of


  • Sediment in the water supply
  • Severely uneven ground
  • Pools of water in previously dry areas throughout your lawn
  • Vegetation dying in circular patterns around your lawn
  • Trees and shrubs leaning and sagging over
  • Paul Davis Experts

    Contact the professionals at Paul Davis if you see any of these warnings in your yard. Even if it’s too late, we can help restore your property and the infrastructure below it back to a healthy state. Call Paul now to avoid more issues from sinkholes.