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Water damage

Water Damage Experts

Water damage in your home can lead to big issues. Always trust the most experienced company in the area to fix the water damage if it does strike. Paul Davis of Holder, FL is prepared to respond to your situation 24/7, regardless of the scale.

Mending homes after water damage is staple of Paul Davis, so our team knows how to finish the job correctly and promptly. Water damage can come from many sources, so you should hire a versatile restoration service that can remedy busted plumbing, spots on the ceiling and malfunctioning appliances.

Water Damage Solutions & Causes

Paul Davis professionals work with state of the art equipment and proven methods to eliminate moisture and dry the problem spot. Occasionally water damage can seep into subfloors and behind your walls. Locating these damp areas requires tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras. Delaying work or hiring an underqualified company may create more costly maintenance later. Paul Davis can take care of water damage now and later. Learn more about the connection between water damage and mold growth here.

All types of scenarios can create water damage inside your property:

  • Washing machine and dishwasher overflow
  • Leaking water supply lines to the refrigerator or ice maker
  • Sewage backup
  • Roof leaks

Water damage show up in different ways, but the best fix is the same every time. We attack water damage at the source, clean out the region, then fix whatever surface the water harmed. Paul Davis contractors are experienced in water damage as well as electrical work and plumbing. Additionally, we offer guidance through the claims process.

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